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The techniques I used were mostly compositing, layer masking, selection tools, lighting changes, transformation tools, and color corrections. The programs I used in this project were Adobe Photoshop for image creation, OBS Studios for screen capture, and Premiere Pro for video editing.  The concept was fundamentally based on our environmental downfall and the hopes to heal our planet. The name Jörð is the personification of the Earth in Norse mythology. I created this to spread awareness on how important it is for others to learn to love and respect our planet. 


When we breathe with mindfulness, we can experience our interbeing with the Earth’s delicate atmosphere, with all the plants, and even with the sun, whose light makes possible the miracle of photosynthesis. With every breath, we can experience communion. With every breath, we can savor the wonders of life. Yet if we can develop a deep relationship with the Earth, we’ll have enough love, strength, and awakening to change our way of life. ~Thich Nhat Hanh


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The Creation of Jord

Speed edit on the creation of JORD. Music by Clann I Hold You · Clann Seelie ℗ 2017 House of Youth

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