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Crystal Salt


I'm a creative director with a passion for creating unique and memorable experiences. I specialize in strategy and design for brands, businesses, and organizations. With more than 12 years of experience in the industry, I have spent years creating designs that get my clients noticed.  I am a generalist who has advanced skill sets in a variety of design mediums which makes me able to execute a broader range of projects based on clients' needs. Staying on top of digital marketing and design trends and also understanding consumer psychology, gave me the tools to create solutions that stand out from the crowd. I have a broad range of knowledge working with different clients, industries, products, services, personalities, stakeholders, and executives.



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Crystal Salt


“Surreal”, “whimsical” and “darkly beautiful” have been terms used to describe Michelle Engberg’s Conceptual Designs. Since her debut in 2011, Michelle has not only honed her technique as an established Creative Director and Sr. Multimedia Designer, but she has also built an impressive repertoire in Conceptual Digital Art.​ Michelle's creative thinking, technical prowess, and artistic passion allowed her to gain experience working with top brands such as Neman Marcus, Door Dash, BMW,  Samsung, and Nintendo.  ​She has been published in numerous publications, including Vogue Italia, Dark Beauty Magazine, COOPH Magazine, Antiheroin Chic, and Institute Magazine. 


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