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Michelle Engberg is a Creative Director and Senior Multimedia Designer specializing in Graphic Design, Branding, Video Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Coaching, and Creative Direction.



Concept IdeationUX - UI Web Design, Responsive, Custom Landing Pages

Creative Direction   /   Multimedia Design    

Client - Oralucent


ScopeOralucent is a startup Retail E-Commerce company. Their product is a one-of-a-kind light therapy toothbrush that shines red and blue light therapy to heal gums and whiten teeth. The purpose was to create a new modern marketable brand that is as unique as their product. 

Firstly, I decided the branding should incorporate the Blue Ocean Stratgie because of how unique the product was. I then included their brand's core values which are simplicity, relatability, realness, and medical credibility. I represented Oralucent's industry which is a mixture of technology and beauty. Designing the site based on consumer psychology and funneling patterns was ideal, so creating landing pages to funnel sales from their online ads was implemented. 


Scope of work included - Creating a strategic rebranding plan that included launching a new website, social media, email, digital ads campaign, and New Packaging. 

Included in this plan was the design of the new UX/UI website, all new product and lifestyle photos, infographic video, brand-new email templates and campaigns, digital ads, and social media posts & and story designs. 

Creative Director / Designer                                         

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