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Oralucent is a startup company on Shopify. Their product is a one-of-a-kind light therapy toothbrush that shines red and blue light therapy to heal gums and whiten teeth. They had been in the market for a couple of years now before I was contracted to be their Creative Director. The purpose was to rebrand their company starting with their website and create a new modern marketable brand that was as unique as their product. 


Firstly, I decided the branding should incorporate the Blue Ocean Stratgie because of how unique the product was. I then incorporated their brand's core values which are simplicity, relatability, realness, and medical credibility. I represented Oralucent's industry which is a mixture of technology and beauty. I changed the accent colors a bit from the previous branding to give a more clean simplistic feel, market to a broader demographic and presenting a high-tech vibe.

I incorporated more black backgrounds to highlight their product, a glowing brush, and used white backgrounds for medical credibility.  Designing the site based on consumer phycology and funneling patterns was ideal, so creating landing pages to funnel sales from our online ads was implemented. Made the website fully responsive and formatted for performance. Finally optimizing the size and speed of the website helped with google ranking, while also maintaining the visual hierarchy. 


Oralucent is one of many websites I have built but is a perfect example to showcase 

my abilities to incorporate brand identity, consumer phycology, knowledge of SEO practices, knowledge of marketing techniques, and research and development on top of my design skill set. 


Other designs included in the website that I created were, all the motion graphics videos and images including all product photos.

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