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Michelle Engberg is a Creative Director and Senior Multimedia Designer specializing in Graphic Design, Branding, Video Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Coaching, and Creative Direction.



I provide ideation, strategic planning, and production of multiple designs. The importance was to emphasize the ingredients that make Detox Organics special and unique from other detox supplements while keeping design and branding consistent throughout the campaign. 

Creative Direction   /   Multimedia Design    

Conceptual Campaign

Type of Campaign - Product release campaign Introducing Detox Organics.

Client - Michael Morelli CEO of Detox Organics

Client implemented Suggestions - Clean, simplistic, creative, colorful, unique, play on words.

Demographics - Health, Lifestyle, Fitness, Men, and Women of all ages.

Scope - Ingredients that make Detox Organics special and unique from other detox supplements.

Campaign Platforms - Social Media, Video Ads, Email Designs, Billboards Print Ads, and A Landing Page.

Goal - Highlight ingredients and keep designs consistent throughout the whole campaign.

Title - A Fitload of Health in Every Scoop

Copy -  Each scoop contains over 10 pounds of a very specific combination of vegetables, fruits herbs, and plants that in conjunction work to detox, alkalize, and clean your body. All of our ingredients are raw and 100% certified USDA organic

Work Provided - Concept and strategy of the design campaign, creative direction, art direction, video editing, motion graphics for video, digital art creation, ad creation for social media, print design for billboards, email design creation, copy, and landing page creation.


Social Media - Story's & Post

Billboards - Print Ads

Landing Page & Email Design

Digital Marketing Half Page Banner 300 x 600  Vanilla.jpg

Digital Ads - Google

Video Ad - Concept and Editing

Digital Art - Photoshop

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