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Michelle Engberg is a Creative Director and Senior Multimedia Designer specializing in Graphic Design, Branding, Video Editing, Animation, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Coaching, and Creative Direction.



Infographic Campaign - Healthy School Lunches. 

Creative Direction   /   Multimedia Design    

chef ann logo.png

Conceptual Campaign

Type of Campaign - Video, print, and social campaign, used to promote awareness of the Chef Ann Foundation for healthier school lunches. 

Client - Chef Ann Foundation

The client implemented Suggestions - Clean, simplistic, creative, colorful, unique, and storylike in nature.

Demographics - Health, children, elementary & and junior high, education, parents.

Scope - Chef Ann Foundation Feed Our Future is an infographic popup book spreading awareness on the importance of a healthy school lunch.

Campaign Platforms - Video Infographic - Used for PowerPoint presentations, website, commercials, posters in schools, pop-up books, billboards, social media

Goal - Health awareness of school lunch, a unique way to present it to elementary schools. 

Title - Feed Our Future 

Copy -  30 million Kids eat school lunch daily. 9 out of 10 kids don't eat enough fresh vegetables. School lunches are processed food and preservatives that lack vitamins and nutrients. Chef Ann Foundation provides schools with healthy fresh meals kids love. A good lunch helps us focus in class. A good lunch keeps us active and healthy. Support our work at  The End.

Work Provided - Concept and strategy of the design campaign, creative direction, art direction, video editing, motion graphics, animation, illustration, ad creation for social media, print design for billboards, book, and poster design.

pop up book print.png

Popup Book

Video Infographic

Chef Ann Billboard.jpg


009 Back to School Flyer .jpg

School Posters

story_1 copy.jpg

Social Media - Story & Post

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